• The suspects were indicted Monday
  • The teen girl was raped in an abandoned car
  • The accused have been ordered to be in custody till the end of the trial

Five men who have been accused of raping an intellectually disabled teen girl in Northern Israel were indicted Monday.

The accused men from Galilee, 3 of them brothers, were indicted on charges of raping the mentally challenged 17-year-old girl inside an abandoned car.

The suspects identified as Rashid Nasser, Mohammed Nasser, Tamer Nasser, Maher Badren and Udi Nasser, aged 22 to 32, have been ordered to be kept in custody until the end of the trial.

Earlier this month, the girl’s parents had reported to the police that the minor was missing. After reviewing a surveillance video taken from the victim’s home, the investigators found out that the teenager had left the house in an unidentified car, reported news outlet Haaretz.

The victim reportedly came back home four hours later. Investigators had requested the family to come back to the station to provide them with details behind the disappearance after the girl returned. The family, however, did not reveal that the girl was sexually assaulted but investigators learned about the gang rape when they spoke to the victim.

The victim reportedly suffered numerous bruises and was taken for medical treatment. The investigators later found an abandoned car where the victim was raped by the men.

According to the indictment, one of the accused began a relationship with the victim after meeting her through an online game chatroom. He reportedly arranged to meet the girl and took her in a car to a nearby olive grove. He then called the other suspects who joined him in committing the alleged sexual assault against the girl. The suspects reportedly drugged the teen and raped her inside the abandoned car, reported news outlet Y Net News.

The girl gave testimony in court and revealed that one of the suspects had come back to the car after he and his friends left the area and raped her once more.

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The mentally disabled victim was reportedly raped by 5 men inside an abandoned car. pixabay

In a similar incident this month, a 15-year-old girl was raped in India by three men who recorded the act on camera. The investigators found out that one of the suspects, identified as Sameer, had befriended the victim a few months before the incident. The victim was raped by Sameer and his uncle on March 11 while recording the act. Sameer threatened the victim that he will leak the video and raped her again on March 21 along with his uncle and a friend. The accused were taken into custody after the girl reported it to the police.