Evasi0n iOS 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak
Newly formed team of iOS hackers called Evad3rs launched evasi0n.com, a website dedicated to the upcoming iOS 6, 6.1 untethered jailbreak. evasi0n.com

People waiting for the highly anticipated iOS 6, 6.1 untethered jailbreak got yet another moment of celebration late Wednesday when “evad3rs” – a newly formed team of iOS hackers including MuscleNerd, pod2g, pimskeks and planetbeing – launched a website, dedicated to the upcoming untethered exploit. What made it even more exciting was the announcement of the name of the untethered jailbreak – “evasi0n.”

The announcement of “evasi0n,” the iOS 6, 6.1 untethered jailbreak for Windows, Mac and Linux, was first made through the official Twitter account of the evad3rs team, which has managed to get over 80,000 followers in a short period of time.

“The official evasi0n 6.1 jailbreak: evasi0n.com -- Check regularly for updates! #evasi0n,” evad3rs tweeted.

In addition to the name of the untethered jailbreak, the official website also shows a status bar indicating the progress made by the hackers so far. The site has mentioned that the hackers are currently in the process of finishing the GUI and that the next step would be a private beta testing.

The website carries three download buttons (inactive as of now) for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows versions of “evasi0n.” The buttons will come to life once the iOS 6, 6.1 untethered jailbreak gets released.

As far as the requirements for the untethered jailbreak are concerned, the website listed certain points:

- 5 minutes of your time!

- A computer, running Windows (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.5 minimum) or Linux (x86 / x86_64)

- An iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 6.0 through 6.1 (you may check in Settings / General / About => Version)

- A USB cable to connect the device to the computer

According to MuscleNerd, as many as 22 iOS devices that are capable of running iOS 6.1 will be compatible with the new untethered jailbreak. The devices that are likely to be out of luck include iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod touch first generation, iPod touch 2G, iPod touch 3G, iPad first generation and Apple TV 3. Except for these, all other iOS devices are expected to be jailbroken. Here is a list of supported devices for your convenience:

- iPhone 5

- iPhone 4S

- iPhone 4

- iPhone 3GS

- iPad 4

- iPad 3

- iPad 2

- iPad mini

- iPod touch 4

- iPod touch 5

- Apple TV 2

There is an FAQ section in the website that has provided a link to the Jailbreak QA dedicated site, which includes a lot queries from end users in terms of the untethered jailbreak.

The “evasi0n” website also carried a “Thanks to” section under which team evad3rs thanked iPhone jailbreak developer Paul Griffin, aka @phoenixdev, for his research; well-known theme designer Thientam Bach, aka @Surenix, for evad3rs and evasi0n designs; Hanéne Samara for contributing to the evasi0n GUI; and both Chronic and iPhone dev team for their support.

There is also a “Contribute” button just above the “Credit” section. If you would like to contribute to the hackers for their continuous effort, you can do it through PayPal.

Sunday Release Hinted Again

Earlier this week, MuscleNerd took to his Twitter account and teased about the possible release date for the iOS 6, 6.1 jailbreak by mentioning about the next Super Bowl Sunday (Feb.3). Given that a number of major jailbreaks in the past got released on Sundays, expectations are high for yet another Sunday release this time around.

A Wednesday report from iDownloadBlog pointed to a tweet from ‏@Pix3lDemon, which said that the website for the upcoming evasi0n untethered jailbreak had also strongly hinted at a Sunday release.

According to it, five out of seven devices in the picture on the evasi0n website showed the Calendar icon displaying the date “3.” Considering that the first Sunday in February is on the 3rd and the “Super Bowl Sunday” has already been hinted at by the hackers themselves, it’s indeed hard to take it as a mere coincidence.

Meanwhile, for those using older A4 and below devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4), a tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is possible using the latest version of Redsn0w. For more information, click here.

IBTimes will come up with more updates as they unfold. There will also be a step-by-step tutorial on how to jailbreak the iPhone 5 and all other supported devices once evasi0n gets released.

UPDATE: iOS 6, 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak: Evasi0n Complete For Windows, Mac OS X; Planetbeing Explains The Wait As Fake Lookalike Site Spotted