While the measles outbreak has grabbed headlines, doctors in Iowa have confirmed a disease humans can get from man’s best friend.

The news comes courtesy of Iowa’s state veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Kaisand, who has confirmed an outbreak of canine brucellosis. The outbreak has occurred at a commercial breeding facility in Marion County.

Vets are currently unsure how many dogs are infected and are working to stop it from spreading any further, with the facility and animals both quarantined. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship also said its conducting tests and encouraging dog owners to get their dog tested.

Symptoms of the illness in a dog include infertility, spontaneous abortions and stillbirths.

However, doctors have confirmed the threat the disease also represents to humans. While most pet owners are at a low risk to pick up the disease, breeders and vets that come in contact with animal tissue or fluids are at a much higher risk.

Symptoms in humans include fever, sweats, headache, joint pain and weakness.

As of Tuesday, there have been no confirmed cases of the disease making the jump to humans yet.