The iPhone 11’s back camera has a Night Mode feature which helps it take pictures in darker areas. However, the feature can’t be used at will and will need to be at specific conditions to make it available. Here’s how to use the iPhone 11’s Night Mode camera.

Before trying to use the Night Mode, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro smartphones will first detect if you’re in a dark enough area to use the feature. It will automatically adjust once the phone detects a low-light area.

Night Mode appears in a form of a moon symbol on the top left portion of the screen while using the camera. This icon is colored grey if the room is dark enough to switch on Night Mode manually. If the moon is colored yellow, it means that Night Mode is on.

The Night Mode feature allows its users to take clearer pictures in the dark. However, this feature would require the iPhone 11’s cameras to take 10 seconds at most to snap the picture. It’s also inadvisable to take pictures of movement in the dark and would be best to ask people to stay still until the picture is taken. Cameras are reliant to light when working and heavily relies on the technology to make the picture work.

Once the Night Mode appears on the camera, the user has free control on the exposure time of the Night Mode feature. Tapping the moon icon would show the Night Mode timer slider and users can adjust according to their liking.

The feature is also heavily dependent on how dark the area is. The exposure time can adjust from simply a second up to 30 seconds which could be a problem for some.

For beginners, it would be best to give the Night Mode feature the maximum time for its shots. The Auto and Max settings are also available for a quicker camera setup. These will handle all the adjustments needed to take a better shot in Night Mode. Meanwhile, adjusting it manually to faster shots would require knowledge with the camera to look better.

With this knowledge, using the Night Mode for shooting pictures in dark places will be easy work.