New iPad (inset) iPhone 5 concept ciccaresedesign
New iPad (inset) iPhone 5 concept ciccaresedesign Apple | Ciccaresedesign | Tech

The new iPad is still the hottest topic on the Internet, and very well deserved too, unlike the iPad 2. The new Apple tablet goes on sale on Friday, March 16, at 8 a.m. The tech giant's next big unveiling is likely to the iPhone 5, and if our tingling spidey senses are working correctly, then we expect the iPhone 5 to be very similar to the new iPad in terms of specs and features. There are certain things about Apple’s new iPad that would work wonders on the next iPhone, and if implemented, could very well bring the rivals to their knees.

Because of the new iPad, we can safely assume that the next iPhone would come equipped with a quad core GPU to play the same games at the same great graphics. If you didn’t realize by now, the quad core GPU in the new iPad is just slightly less powerful than the GPU found in the Sony PlayStation Vita handheld console. We can’t see Apple pulling off a Siri here by choosing to omit this from the next iPhone. It would be madness in Sparta all over again.

4G LTE is another big thing about the new iPad. It is the first Apple product to support 4G LTE and it certainly won’t be the last. The next iPhone will definitely come packed with an LTE Radio. Furthermore, a bigger battery could make the cut to able the device to keep up with the great battery life found in previous iPhones. Like the new iPad, this bigger battery will make the iPhone 5 slightly bigger than the iPhone 4S. We’re betting big on this one.

How about a new processor? Sure. The dual core A5X processor in the new iPad is unlikely to find its way to the iPhone 5. Apple could choose instead to go quad core, while cutting down the speed of the processor to help with battery life. If you know anything about Apple’s strategies, you might have realized that the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 1GHz dual core processors have been underclocked to 800MHz per core.

The biggest change that could come to the iPhone 5, is a name change. Loving the “new iPad”? Then get ready to welcome the “new iPhone.” No, we’re serious about this, and we are willing to bet everything we have that the iPhone 5 will be called the “new iPhone.” This is Apple’s new marketing strategy. It’s working for the “new iPad,” and it will work for the “new iPhone” as well.

Finally, screen resolution. If you’re expecting the same 2058x1536 high resolution HD display on the new iPad to make its way to the new iPhone, then you seriously need to check into a rehab. It won’t come, but you know what will? Retina display will figure on the new iPhone.

A lot of folks didn’t enjoy the iPhone 4S because it wasn’t that much of an upgrade over the iPhone 4 and are unable to wait to get their paws on the next iPhone. We expect Apple to announce and unveil the new iPhone in early September 2012, with the release date just a few days after.

(reported by Vamien McKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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