Apple iPhones, iPads and other iOS smart devices have long been able to download music and videos through its apps. However, knowing which apps and programs to use can be a problem.

Here are five ways you can use to download some videos and music for your iOS smart device.

VLC Wi-fi PC Downloader

While this media player can’t download videos and music off the internet, this app can download it from your PC. Just switch the wi-fi transfer on in VLC and pair it with your PC. Once done, choose the files you want to transfer to your iPhone and enjoy them once you’ve finished downloading.

This app also available for free on the App Store.


This app allows the user to have not only shortcuts to further increase their speed in using the iPhone, but also download music and video files off the internet. The Shortcuts app has a video downloader feature which can download clips from sites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and other major video-sharing sites.

This app is also available for free but will need some setting up to use extensively.

Rely On Netflix Downloader

Netflix has a built-in downloader which allows users to download their show’s episodes on their iPhone. With this feature, users can watch their favorite shows without the need for internet connection.

Assuming you’ve already subscribed to Netflix, just pick which shows you like and download their episodes to your liking. However, keep in mind your free memory space as too many episodes may fill up your storage, prevent you from downloading more and slow down your phone.

ITunes and Spotify

For music files, Apple has a built-in app that allows you to download some music to your phone. While the app is free, the music is not as you’ll have to purchase the albums, singles and any music files from your favorite artists. While there are some free releases, you’ll need to look extensively to find the better ones.

Lastly, the Spotify app is the most relied app when it comes to downloadable music. Once subscribed, just download the albums or songs you want on your phone. The Spotify app grows in size and storage for every download so make sure to check how many songs you have to avoid slowing down your phone.