Instead of using money to buy a home, why not use it to build a home? That's what Irish artist Frank Buckley did.

Using 1.4 billion in decommissioned euros -- or $1.82 billion -- the artist built a habitation in an empty office building in Dublin, according to a Reuters report. The building is a remnant of Ireland's construction boom, before the country's economy went bust.

People were pouring billions into buildings now worth nothing, Buckley told Reuters. I wanted to create something from nothing. 

His new digs have art on the walls, including a picture of a house made of coins.

The euro notes make for such great insulation that he doesn't even need a blanket, according to Reuters.

The place still needs a shower and kitchen, The Irish Times reported.

Current affairs can be art, Buckley told the paper.

Check out these photos of the artist's new home. Talk about getting your money's worth!