Ivanka Trump has been accused of wasting the taxpayers’ money.

The first daughter is in hot water following her two-day visit to Indiana to learn about the prison reforms. Ivanka shared a clip of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on social media and thanked Governor Eric Holcomb for the warm welcome.

However, her critics were quick to bring up the topic of her being “unqualified” for the position, with some saying that she was just wasting the taxpayers’ money.

“Ivanka, I am glad you are at least learning something while wasting the taxpayers money. #NepotismBarbie,” one commented on her post.

In another post, Ivanka shared a clip of her interview about the 4th American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting that was held on Thursday. She stressed that the meeting was about doing real work with tangible deliverables that will support all Americans so they can have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

However, one netizen commented saying that she should stop wasting their money on nonsense because it didn’t result in any job. The social media user believed that the companies only play along so her father, President Donald Trump, will not trash them.

Last month, one social media user also called out Ivanka and asked her stop wasting money on needless jobs. She stressed how Ivanka failed to do background checks and lied about creating 14 million jobs. The same user also called Ivanka to resign, saying that she was “unelected, unfit and unqualified.”

Meanwhile, Alice Wolfson said that she was sick of Ivanka claiming to be a feminist and champion for the workers. Another netizen insisted that Ivanka was doing nothing and does not represent the U.S. The netizen even used the hashtags “#UnwantedIvanka” and “#ComplicitBarbie.”

One netizen also pointed out how Ivaka spends government money. According to him, Trump’s daughter spends it faster than a corrupt politician facing impeachment.

In related news, Ivanka and Melania Trump reportedly have a “frosty” relationship. Trump’s daughter and third wife are cordial, but the two ladies have reportedly never been close.

Ivanka Trump
In this photo, senior advisor to President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, is seen during a working session regarding opportunity zones following the recently signed tax bill in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington D.C., Feb. 14, 2018. Getty Images / Mandel NganANDEL NGAN