• Ivanka Trump has been flooded with threats on social media
  • Ivanka Trump's posts on Instagram attracted vile comments
  • Ivana Trump shared details about Ivanka and Donald Jr.'s names 

Ivanka Trump has been flooded with threats on social media after General Qassem Soleimani’s death.

President Donald Trump is facing another controversy after he ordered the missile strike that killed Iran’s top general. The attack has prompted Iran’s supreme leader to threaten retaliation for the killing and warn Washington to expect a “crushing revenge” for the death of their second most powerful military commander.

Donald’s family members are also flooded with threats on social media. Ivanka’s photo with her husband Jared Kushner on Instagram attracted violent comments from numerous Trump critics.

“Prepare your coffins,” one wrote.

“This is the last picture of you that your father is alive. Prepare yourself for mourning,” another wrote.

“Say goodbye to the ignorant father as soon as his death is near,” a different social media user stated.

Another user wrote that the American women and children are aware that the Iranians did not start the war and they are not interested in war, but they will take vengeance and they are the “most cruel” at that.

Ivanka also shared photos of her son Theo attempting to exit from AF1 while the first daughter was distracted and focused on the melted m&ms in her daughter’s hands. Ivanka called it a “major parenting fail.” Her post was meant to be funny since she thanked the eagle-eyed photographers who busted her son in action. However, the same post was flooded with vile comments and threats.

“Your father and your government will pay for kill our hero. #hard_revenge_awaits_you,” one wrote.

"Hard revenge Is coming,” a different netizen added.

“Prepare your coffins Children of Qasem Suleimani are on their way,” another commented.

In related news, Ivana Trump shared shocking details about Ivanka and Donald Jr.’s names. According to the POTUS’ first wife, he wanted to name Ivanka “Tiffany” but she declined. Ivana also said that it was her who wanted their eldest child to be named after the president. However, the latter declined and didn’t want to share his name with his own son for fear that the baby would be a “loser” unlike him.

Ivanka Trump
First daughter Ivanka Trump sent out a tweet commemorating Black History Month on Thursday — a message that was not well received by social media users. In this photo, Trump (R) speaks during Conversations with the Women of America panel, as U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon (L) looks on, at the South Court Auditorium of Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Jan. 18, 2018, in Washington, D.C. Getty Images/ Alex Wong