Arabella Rose Kushner, 23 months, may be the granddaughter of real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump, but she won’t be a spoiled brat on her mom’s watch. Trump’s 31-year-old daughter, Ivanka Trump, recently said she will teach her daughter to not be “spoiled” or “bratty” despite being born into a wealthy, well-known family.

Ivanka, a fashion, handbag and jewelry designer, told Us Weekly Monday that she will be a strict disciplinarian with her first-born, using parental lessons from her own mother, socialite Ivana Trump. “I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty strict. My mother was with me; she laid down very concrete guidelines,” she said. “The concept of 'because I said so,' was a totally viable answer. That’s sort of changed a lot now. Parents are more likely to explain themselves.”

The former reality TV star, whose second child with husband and businessman Jared Kushner is due this fall, said she is adamant about keeping her daughter’s humility intact. “The one thing I won’t tolerate is her being spoiled or her being bratty or having poor manners,” said Trump. “That’s an area I’ll be very strict.”

In preparation for the young family's newest arrival, Trump said she is attempting to teach the toddler to share, a task she said is weighing heavily on her. “I’m trying desperately to teach Arabella how to share. The concept seems thus far to be lost on her,” she said, explaining that food is the number one item the youngster is least willing to part with. “She’s really good at telling me that I need to share with her; she is less good about actually sharing back. She offers to share and then when you get close she pulls it back and says no, so I think that’s like 70 percent of the way there.”

On Sunday, Trump shared her plans for Father’s Day with her 32-year-old husband of four years on Twitter. The family of three reportedly spent the day together in Manhattan bike riding, playing mini-golf, enjoying a boat ride and a surprise barbecue meal.