• Ivanka Trump shared an adorable video of her three children washing hands
  • The first daughter was viciously attacked for using $40 hand s

Ivanka Trump recently faced backlash for sharing a video of her three children washing their hands with an expensive brand of hand soap amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On her Instagram account, Jared Kushner’s wife encouraged her followers to remind their children of the importance of washing their hands to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

Even though Ivanka’s post is actually helpful because it shows how children can wash their hands thoroughly by incorporating a song, she was still viciously attacked online.

“We all have a role to play to slow the spread! Wash your hands (ohhh… and turn off your sink with your elbow or a towel while you do to save water… still, a work in progress with these guys 10 days in,” Ivanka captioned the video.

Immediately after, some netizens posted offensive comments directed at Ivanka, the POTUS, and the Trump family.

"Ivanka Trump posted a video of her children washing their hands, with $39 hand soap. What's next, tomorrow she'll tell us to eat $100 cakes?" Twitter user @leftcoastbabe said.

"What is wrong with her? The virus has put people out of work, robbed them of their incomes. She is using a soap that would pay for at least a bag of groceries for a family," Facebook user @rackles said.

“Have you spoken to your father recently? He does not seem to share your concern,” Instagram user @janebullock79 said.

“But on a serious note, tell your dad this is a kinda very serious deal,” Instagram user @lizardpm88 said.

“They are too old to sing this song,” Instagram user @suriyumi said.

Some netizens also criticized Ivanka for not teaching her kids the importance of turning off the sink to save water while they are washing their hands.

“Save water pls!” Instagram user @bulgaa_go said.

“Turn the water off…” Instagram user @hippie_2552 said.

“Water… please…” Instagram user @nelson190 said.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only post that Ivanka shared featuring her kids that drew a slew of criticisms from other people. Earlier this month, Donald’s favorite daughter encouraged her followers to build an indoor room fort with their kids while they are being homeschooled.

Shortly after, Ivanka was criticized for her tip because not everyone has a huge home that can accommodate an indoor room fort. Other critics also said that the children that are taking up online classes due to the coronavirus pandemic have more important things to do than go indoor camping.

Ivanka Trump speaking at a rally for her father, Donald Trump, at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, February 8, 2016. Photo by Marc Nozell/Flickr Photo by Marc Nozell/Flickr