Ivanka Trump’s Child Tax Credit has been praised.

Donald Trump’s daughter has been criticized for various reasons. Many of them said that she is not qualified to represent the Americans because she lacks political experience. However, recently, many were impressed with her recent move.

Ivanka shared on Twitter that 39.4 million American families will benefit from Child Tax Credit this year and will receive an average of $2,200. The first daughter stressed that they are fighting everyday for the hard-working American families.

One netizen asked the number of families who will be devastated because of the changes and many defended Ivanka. According to them, it will affect zero families because the changes only apply to those without children.

“No families, only able-bodied adults 18-49 with no dependents.And even those people can continue getting snap if they work or volunteer for 20 hrs every 3 months. That’s 80 hrs a year, most people work that every 2 weeks. I don’t think that’s too much to ask of able bodied adults,” one user commented.

According to Donna Rae Drumheller, those who are in need will not lose anything. However, those who are lazy or illegally spongeing off the taxpayer will be affected.

Another user said that the changes will only affect those who are 18 to 45 years old and are fit to work. For him, it is just right to force those abled individuals to work so they can eat.

Stephanie also added that the changes do not apply to families only to childless people who are 50 years and younger. People with disabilities should also not worry about it because it does not apply to them.

Some praised Ivanka for what she did. “Great accomplishment Ivanka!” Jane Lake wrote.

Many urged Ivanka’s critics to read the facts. Those who understood what Ivanka is campaigning believe that this is an “amazing gift to parents.”

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