Rose McIver as Liv
Rose McIver talked about the “hot mess” brain and the “Dragons & Dungeons” brain that Liv will be eating in Season 3 of “iZombie.” The CW

Rose McIver revealed a couple of new brains that Liv will be eating in Season 3 of “iZombie.”

McIver said that Liv will eat the brain of a hot mess at some point in the upcoming season. “That was … very sort of Amy Schumer [in] ‘Trainwreck,’” McIver told Screener of the personality Liv takes on after eating the said brain. “She can’t remember where she’s left anything. [She] hasn’t got anything together. I didn’t expect that to be as easy to play as it was. It’s been a confronting season!”

Liv will also eat what she calls Dungeons & Dragons brain, which refers to the fantasy tabletop role-playing game first released in 1974. “I didn’t know anything about the game or not enough anyway, and so I had a crash course,” McIver revealed during an interview with Yahoo TV.

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During a Facebook Live Q&A hosted by Yahoo TV, McIver revealed that the most fun scene she has filmed in the whole series so far was a scene from the Dungeons & Dragons episode.

“In the Dungeons & Dragons episode, as part of trying to solve that case, Liv hosted a Dungeons & Dragons day for all the cast, so we get to see everybody playing,” the Kiwi actress shared. “Board games in general bring out such a different side to people, and you could even see that in the show. You get to see that particular competitive streak, and we laughed our heads off. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had on set in the whole three seasons while shooting that.”

As revealed during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con in July, Liv will also eat the brain of a dominatrix. She and Major (Robert Buckley) also eat the brains of a father and daughter. But the twist is that Major eats the brain of the teenage girl, while Liv eats the brain of the dad.

“iZombie” Season 3, episode 1, titled “Heaven Just Got a Little Smoother,” airs on Tuesday, April 4 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.