Jackie Chan, whose Kung fu action movies are wildy popular in India, expressed his desire to act in Bollywood films during the inauguration of the first-ever Chinese Film Festival in New Delhi on Tuesday, reports indicated.

Chan, who is in the country to take part in the film festival that is spread over six days, will also tour India to promote his musical, 'I Am Jackie Chan: My Life In Action,' according to NDTV.

The actor-director said he is open to acting in Bollywood movies and is currently looking for a good script, the Press Trust of India, or PTI, reported.

"Ten years ago I stayed in India for a month shooting my film 'The Myth' here with Mallika (Sherawat). I saw lot of movies and watched MTV. I love the singing and dancing. I am a good singer,” Chan told PTI, adding that his dancing leaves much to be desired.

“I hope that Indian directors call me with good roles. Actually, I am a very good actor and not only fight, fight, fight," he said.

Chan stressed the need for collaborative projects between Chinese and Indian filmmakers to create movies that would cater to a wider audience. He pointed out that the Chinese film industry is currently the second biggest in the world today, and that it won’t be long before it overtakes Hollywood as the biggest film market in the world.

“Same thing is with Bollywood. You are going to be a big market soon and when you are a big market everybody is coming to you, trying to understand your culture... it is a chain,” Chan said.

About his acting aspirations, Chan said he wants to stay away from action movies and focus on projects that give him greater scope as an actor.

"I want to be Asian Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I used to enjoy action but now I enjoy acting because the life of an action star is really short but you can act till you are 80," Chan told PTI.