A jailed woman from Florida has been accused of trying to recruit her fellow inmates to murder her family members for a $2 million inheritance.

Tureygua Inaru, 29, from Orlando, has been behind bars since December 2022 for aggravated stalking and threatening to kill her former co-workers at Disney. And while in jail, Inaru hatched the murder-for-hire plan and tried to hire her cell mates for $50,000 per victim, WFTV reported.

"Once she got to the jail, she befriends her cellmates and starts talking about wanting her parents, her grandparents killed, that she would pay them up to $50,000 saying they were very wealthy and she gave the address," Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez told WESH.

She has also been accused of cyberstalking and threatening Assistant State Attorney Peter Francis Donnelly who was reportedly on her hit list.

Instead of taking up her request, the other inmates alerted a corrections officer. During an interview with detectives, the inmates told them Inaru had given them instructions on how to make the murders look like a "robbery gone wrong" and how to get away with it.

"One of the inmates had some notes about how seriously this individual was trying to plan this out," Lopez added.

Inaru said if no one was there to carry out the killings, she would "gladly do it herself," as per the New York Post.

Inaru was questioned in January about trying to kill the state attorney, but she brushed off the claims. However, in a subsequent interview with detectives, she admitted to trying to have her family wiped out.

Inaru claimed that her mother and father molested her and her siblings as children, but a family member said she needed mental health help.

The accused was charged Monday with three counts of solicitation to premeditated murder and one count of cyberstalking for allegedly sending death threats to Donnelly.

During her court appearance this week, Inaru asked the presiding judge his name and upon knowing it, she said, "Good to know," while smirking, the New York Post reported.

Inaru, who also has battery charges to her name, remains jailed with her initial court appearance scheduled for May.

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