Jamie Dornan's character was killed off on the first season of ABC's "Once Upon a Time," a decision that shocked and saddened the viewers of the hit ABC fantasy series. According to a new report from Access Hollywood, the show's producers were also crushed by the Irishman's on-screen ax and are now claiming they asked him to come back to reboot his role of The Huntsman/Sheriff Graham for the coming third season, a request which was reportedly denied.

While Dornan, 31, returned to the show last March in a cameo for the season two flashback episode "Welcome to Storybrooke," producers claim Dornan's packed filming schedule, with the erotic romance flick "Fifty Shades of Grey" and his hit drama series "The Fall," made him unavailable to film future "OUAT" episodes. "He's a friend of ours, he's a friend of the show and unfortunately, this year, he goes right from the movie to 'The Fall,'" executive producer Edward Kitsis revealed Tuesday.

According to Kitsis, despite Dornan's former small role on the show, mainly as boy toy to the Evil Queen/Regina (Lana Parrilla), his character's storyline in the third season was crucial. Unfortunately for fans of "OUAT," a series that follows storybook characters stuck in our world, details of Dornan's planned reappearance won't be revealed until the end of season three. "Ask us that after the finale and then we will tell you exactly what we wanted to do," said Kitsis, adding, "You will be so bummed that we didn't get to do it."

While "OUAT" producers may be missing their former Huntsman, they had nothing but kind words for Dornan and his recent rise to fame after being cast as Christian Grey in the highly anticipated "Fifty Shades" film. "We're so happy for him," said executive producer Adam Horowitz. "Obviously we'd love to have him if he ever wanted to come back, but he is quite busy right now and rightfully so. He's very talented."

The continuation of "Once Upon a Time" season three premieres March 9 on ABC.