• Jamie Lynn Spears auditioned for a role in “Twilight” despite having no interest in playing a vampire
  • The audition took place just before Spears found out she was pregnant with her first child
  • Spears took a break from acting after becoming a mom at 16 to give her daughter a normal life

Jamie Lynn Spears has revealed that she was among the many actors who auditioned to be part of the highly successful vampire franchise “Twilight.”

In a new interview with Nylon, the actress said that she had no interest in playing a vampire despite her managers asking her to audition for the film.

“They had to force me. Force me,” Spears recalled. “I remember just thinking like, ‘Y’all are insane. I’m not playing a vampire. That is so stupid. Why would I do that?’ But I went and read for that role.”

The audition took place just before Spears found out she was pregnant with her first child at the age of 16.

“I remember sitting in this little room, and I think Lily Collins was there, and I felt so sick. Little did I know, I was pregnant,” she said.

Spears, now 29, gave birth to her daughter, Maddie, in June 2008 and stayed away from the spotlight to give her child a normal upbringing.

Spears moved to Mississippi and purchased a house there. She stayed away from the limelight for about five years.

"So, I got me a little house. I put a big gate up around it, and I was like, 'I'm going to stay here, raise my baby, and figure this out because this is real life,” she told Nylon. "'I've put myself in this situation, I'm not condoning it or saying it's right, but these are the cards that I have to play'. And I tried to do the best that I could."

Spears, best known for playing Zoey Brooks in Nickelodeon's hit show “Zoey 101” from 2005 to 2008, said she realized her decision was correct when she started receiving criticism for being an irresponsible role model.

“Everywhere I went in Mississippi for that whole nine months, there was always paparazzi on me everywhere I went. But I just knew that if I just stayed away from it long enough that I could give my child some sense of normalcy back in her life,” she said.

Although there have been hardships, Spears said she is content now.

On the home front, the singer and actress is also mother to Ivey, whom she welcomed in 2018 with Jamie Watson, her husband since 2014.

And on the work front, Spears will release her new single "Follow Me (Zoey 101)" on Thursday during her global livestream event "See It First: The Follow Me (Zoey 101) Experience" on Sunday.

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“Zoey 101” alum Jamie Lynn Spears at the 64th Annual BMI Country Awards on Nov. 1, 2016 in Nashville. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images