Bernie and Jane Sanders
Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders, slammed MSNBC political commentator Joy-Ann Reid over a tweet where Reid said the senator was an "incredibly dubious prospect" as a national authority figure. In this photo, Sanders is joined on stage by his wife Jane after speaking at 'The People's Summit' in Chicago, June. 10, 2017. Jim Young/AFP/Getty Images

Jane O’Meara Sanders, wife of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, gave a strong reply Wednesday on Twitter to MSNBC correspondent Joy-Ann Reid for her tweet, which said the senator was “an extremely dubious prospect” as an authority figure. She posted the tweet during a Twitter conversation she was having on sexual harassment.

Reid tweeted Wednesday that males who are mostly white had been given a “moral authority” and also the “power to shape the national narrative.” She stated the “authority” has now been broken due to the revelations of sexual harassment and assault cases.

Reid followed up this tweet with another one where she said there is “no credible national authority figure.” She also added President Donald Trump is definitely not an authority figure.

A Twitter user, Jeffrey Cawthorne, replied to the tweet by tagging Sanders’ account.

Reid replied to this tweet by first acknowledging that Sanders had a strong following. She then went on to say the Vermont senator was “an incredibly dubious prospect” because of his attitude towards women, where she referenced Sanders’ “weird” writings from his early days. She also talked about Sanders’ “physical dismissal” of women and also made a reference to his wife Jane.

After some hours, Jane took to Twitter and blasted Reid for the tweet, telling the MSNBC correspondent to not “use” her to “demean” Sanders. Jane also stated she was proud to be the wife of Sanders and added Reid’s “perception” about the senator “couldn’t be more wrong.”

The “weird early writings,” which Reid referred to in her tweet might be regarding an article that Sanders wrote in 1972 for the Vermont Freeman newspaper, titled “Man-and Woman,” according to a report by The Hill.

Sanders' essay resurfaced in a 2015 Mother Jones article, which talked about how the senator has "learned to be a real politician."

One of the lines from Sanders’ article reads as follows: “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

He also wrote, “A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.”

Michael Briggs who was the communications director for Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign said the essay was a “dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication,” according to a 2015 CNN report.

He also went on to say the article “in no way reflects his [Bernie Sanders] views or record on women…. It was intended to attack gender stereotypes of the '70s, but it looks as stupid today as it was then.”

Jane’s tweet lashing Reid also garnered a lot of support from many Twitter users. Some expressed their support for Jane and Sanders while others questioned Reid’s journalistic credibility.