“Jane the Virgin” fans have to wait until next year before Season 3 returns, but the cast is already busy preparing for upcoming scenes.

Gina Rodriguez, who plays lead character Jane Gloriana Villanueva, revealed to Access Hollywood that she is going somewhere to learn a combat sport. “I’m off to Thailand to train at a muay thai training camp. It’s for Jane. There’s a transformation that happens in Jane’s life, so I’m going to go prepare for it,” she teased.

But as to what this transformation might be, Rodriguez remained tight-lipped.

Earlier, Rodriguez shared with Yahoo! Style just how happy she is with Jane’s new storylines. For the longest time, the show focused on her virginity. But this Season 3, she finally lost it to husband Michael. “It’s really nice opening it up to other storylines. The show isn’t about her virginity. The show is about this girl going through life, and that just happens to be a really fun aspect of what made it interesting and a little different, and it made her holding on to her convictions such a powerful thing as a woman on television,” she said.

Even Jane’s mother Xo (Andrea Navedo) is entering a new phase in her life. After deciding to get an abortion, Xo opened up her own dance studio and even rekindled a romance with a former flame.

Some fans were upset with Xo’s decision, but Navedo believes it was the right thing to do. “The character should have some growth, emotional and psychological. Why not? Everyone else does. In real life, we think people don't change but they do. People do change in profound ways with all the different major things that happen in their lives,” she told Vulture.