“Jane the Virgin” fans were extremely heartbroken after Xiomara Villanueva (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio dela Vega (Jamie Camil) broke up in Season 2 because they both wanted different things for their future.

Rogelio wanted to have more kids, while Xo — who got pregnant with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) when she was still a teenager — wanted to enjoy life without worrying about more babies.

But fate had other plans for Xo, since she got pregnant with Esteban Santiago’s (Keller Wortham) child. The news will definitely crush Rogelio because Esteban is his arch nemesis, but what fans don’t know yet is what Xo will do to her baby.

Will she get an abortion? Will she brave on with her pregnancy? Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told The Hollywood Reporter that they will answer those questions when Season 3 returns.

“We always knew that we wanted Xo to not want to have a baby and then we were trying to figure out how we were going to be ending her story,” she said. “If she got pregnant with Rogelio's nemesis, it would be very shocking to her and to the audience and also she doesn't want to have a baby so that's definitely going to be something that we dive into.”

Urman also told TV Line that Rogelio will have little say on whether or not Xo will keep the baby. “He’s not going to be too thrilled. Of course, it’s not his decision to make one way or another,” she said.

As for Xo’s daughter Jane, she might be getting cozy with a different guy this season. Anthony Mendez, the guy who voices the Narrator in “Jane the Virgin,” told Bustle that Jane will never run short of love interests.

“This season we might see things possibly steam up with her new relationships," he said, while adding: "I can't say whether that's with Michael or somebody else from her past that's coming in.”