Janet Jackson
"Nasty" singer Janet Jackson, pictured May 24, 2012 in Cap D'Antibes, France, never acknowledged supposed secret daughter Tiffany Whyte, but her ex-husband, James DeBarge, is slated to take a DNA test. Getty Images

Tiffany Whyte doesn’t hold a grudge against her supposed mother, “Rhythm Nation” singer Janet Jackson, after the star allegedly gave her up for adoption in 1985. Instead, Whyte wants to build a relationship with the star.

“Mother, I miss you I love you and I’ve been waiting for this moment for 31 years,” she said in a new video interview posted by Radar Online Monday. “I know you were young and I know a lot of people had a lot of say but I forgive you and I just want us to move on and have a mother-daughter relationship.” She added: “I want to be happy with you and I want to be there for you no matter what.”

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Whyte was optimistic Jackson, 50, would reach out. “If she has a conscience and she wants to get this off her chest, then I believe she will step forward, reach out to me,” the Philadelphia woman said. “Let me know what’s going on. Let me know who you are.”

Nearly a week after Whyte came forward, Jackson did not publicly comment on her supposed secret daughter’s existence. In fact, Jackson never publicly acknowledged the rumor that she secretly gave a baby up to adoption.

The “Nasty” singer welcomed Eissa, a baby boy, with her husband, Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mama, Jan. 3. That’s the only child she claimed.

Her ex-husband, James DeBarge, fueled rumors that a secret baby was real when he confirmed he would take a DNA test to determine if he was Whyte’s father. He and Jackson eloped in 1984 and split the following year.

“I don’t think you can pull the wool over the public’s eye on this one,” DeBarge, who was married to Jackson from 1984-85, told Radar Online in an exclusive interview Thursday. “I’m talking about there being a baby.” He added: “It’s been a question that’s been raised a long time ago all the way up to now.”

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DeBarge wanted to know once and for all if Whyte was his daughter. “I don’t like speculating,” he said. “I went over this a million times in my head.”

Whyte denied claiming Jackson as her mother was a publicity stunt and ploy to get money. “I don't want to get famous off of this. Trust me, I don't,” Whyte told Radar in a different interview last week. “I just want my mother. I want my father.”

Janet Jackson
"Nasty" singer Janet Jackson was forced to give up her rumored love child, her ex-husband, James DeBarge said. She is pictured above March 26, 2016 in Dubai. Getty Images

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