One month after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and an ensuing tsunami ripped Japan's Pacific Coast, the country continues grim search for the dead in the ruins.

Victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami were remembered Monday. The disaster hit an unsuspecting country on March 11 and killed up to 25,000 people, besides plunging the country into a nuclear crisis.

With thousands of bodies yet to be found, Japanese troops on Sunday launched a new search. 22,000 Japanese troops were also joined by 100 US troops in the search in the Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, CNN reported.

As of Sunday, toll from the disaster had risen to 12,998, 14,691 were missing, 4,683 were injured and more than 151,000 others were displaced, according to Japan's National Police Agency.

On the one month anniversary, prime minister Naoto Kan, wrote in a message of gratitude to the world: One month has passed since an earthquake of unprecedented scale struck Japan, taking thousands of precious lives.

In the tsunami-devastated regions there was no food, no water, no electricity and the survivors had no communications.

At that desperate time people from around the world rallied to our side bringing hope and inspiring courage.

We deeply appreciate the kizuna [bonds of friendship] our friends around the world have shown and I want to thank every nation, entity and you personally from the bottom of my heart.

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