Japan's Earthquake in 2011 was the most devastating natural disaster to hit Japan after WWII. The 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck on Friday, March 11 2011 off the coast of T?hoku, which is located in the northern part of the country.

Because it was an underwater earthquake, it created a giant wave of tsunami - as high as 38 meters - that devastated Japan.

Japan is an earthquake-prone country, so its buildings were earthquake resistance. However, what really caught the country off guard was the ensuing tsunami.

The damages from the earthquake and tsunami knocked out electricity to power plants, which then began to leak radiation. The nuclear radiation crisis remains an ongoing concern to this day.

So far, estimates put fatalities at more than 20,000 and economic costs at over $300 billion, making it the costliest natural disaster of all time.

Below are availalbe photos from Japan's earthquake and tsunami.