Japan’s winter light show opened recently, dazzling visitors with its display of seven-million LED lights.

Attracting international attention as well as countless tourists, the light show is located at a botanical garden on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana. The tunnel opened on Nov. 3 and will be on display until March 31, 2013.

My Modern Met reports that this year’s theme is “nature.” Displays feature breathtaking scenes inspired by Japan’s famed Mt. Fuji at sunrise, as well a rainbows across the sky and landscapes resembling an aurora.

Previous shows have also featured many beloved Japanese characters such as light bedazzled Domo-kun. It is particularly popular for its Christmas and wintertime feel.

The illuminated wonderland is considered the best lightshow in the country. Several sources also note the attraction is especially well liked by children.

Joanna Tocher, of Wide Island View, said in 2009 of the show, “If you can shut out the noise of the hundreds of people around you, it really does feel like you’re stepping into another world.”   

The LED lights supposedly sprawl the entirety of the garden, over its grounds and are even strewn over the water. According to Tree Hugger, the entire LED light show is solar powered, and environmentally friendly.

The light show’s popularity may be especially indicated by its website. The Nagashima Resort website is currently down due to its server being busy.