Jared Leto
Jared Leto does not look like this anymore. Reuters

Out with the old and in with the new. “Dallas Buyers Club” star Jared Leto is known for his beautiful locks, so when the Oscar-winning actor cut off his flowing tresses it wasn’t a surprise that his name became a top-trending Twitter topic Monday. Leto ditched his signature ‘do, in a seemingly forced move, for his role as the Joker in “Suicide Squad.”

Director David Ayer posted the transformation on social media Monday, but, Leto, knowing how much people love his hair, teased his new haircut days before. “Going going… #” he wrote on Instagram Saturday. A day later, he shared an old picture where his hair was short and spiky: “I was never one of the popular kids, I remember being on the outside looking in. #IntoTheWildOnVyRT”

Finally, it was the day of truth. “Should we?” Ayer captioned a black and white photo that showed Leto’s famous ponytail with scissors next to it. Nearly 7,000 people liked the message over 8 hours.

Leto shared the same photo four hours later. “I miss my beard already,” he lamented. It appears the actor, 43, will sport a cleaner look for the film.

Ayers shared his clean-shaven look in an artistic photo. He simply captioned the image: “#SuicideSquad.” He seems to have defied time and looks about the same age as he was when he played Jordan on “My So-Called Life.”

Twitter users had plenty to say about the celeb’s new style. Some of their comments, along with a few memes, have been listed below. Check it out:

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