“Teen Mom 2” star Kail Lowry’s ex husband has a new girlfriend. MTV

Kailyn Lowry doesn’t have to worry about feuding with her ex husband’s new girlfriend. Javi Marroquin’s better half has revealed she has high hopes she and the “Teen Mom 2” star will get along.

Fresh off Javi’s confirmation he is dating Lauren Comeau, the woman has spoken out about her boyfriend’s famous ex. “I haven’t really put much thought into [meeting Kail],” Lauren told Radar Online.

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As of now, Lauren said she has no plans to meet the mother of Javi’s 3-year-old son, Lincoln, and is simply enjoying her time with Javi. “I’m just trying to enjoy the excitement and newness of it,” she said.

When Lauren does meet Kail, she shares she doesn’t expect there to be any bad blood between them. “I’ll meet her when the time is right and when they both think I need to,” she said. “I 100 percent respect her as Lincoln’s mom so when the time comes, I think it’ll go over just fine.”

Lauren, who started officially dating Javi last weekend, added she is also on board with filming for “Teen Mom 2” for MTV. However, she and Javi are in a long distance relationship as she’s located in North Carolina, which could hinder her ability to film.

“We haven’t talked about it since distance obviously plays a factor,” she said. “I know we have a lot planned in the coming months so who knows!”

Javi announced his romance with Lauren to Radar earlier this week, telling Radar Online his romance feels serious. “This one feels right,” Marroquin previously gushed.

Lauren expanded on her beau’s feelings, telling the site, “We clicked instantly, and just really enjoyed each other’s company. I’m excited to see what happens.” Though she admitted “distance isn’t ever easy,” she said she thinks they will be able to adjust.

“I think we’ll handle it well,” she said.


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Meanwhile, Kail has yet to publicly respond to Javi’s big announcement. She did, however, post some cryptic tweets before the relationship was revealed. “Today is not a good day,” she tweeted alongside a sad face emoji hours before the news broke. “Hopefully tomorrow will be better.” Kail followed up her post by writing that her mood had nothing to do with her pregnancy.

As previously reported, Kail is pregnant with her third child. She is due to welcome her baby, which she shares with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, this summer. The baby’s gender has not yet been revealed. Kail also has a son Isaac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.

Catch up on all of Kail and Javi’s drama when “Teen Mom 2” returns to MTV on July 17.