Jayme Closs’ accused kidnapper said in a jailhouse interview that he loves the 13-year-old Wisconsin girl whom he abducted and held in captivity for three months. Jake Patterson called WCCO-TV reporter Jennifer Mayerle on Friday after she wrote him a letter asking him some questions about the kidnapping case.

Patterson — who previously admitted he killed Jayme’s parents, James and Denise Closs, and abducted the teen from her home in Barron on Oct. 15 — confessed to the kidnapping and murders.

“Part of me like really knows I shouldn’t be f------ talking to you. But, uh, like, I just didn’t want to cause any more trouble,” a man who introduced himself as Patterson told WCCO on the phone. He also said he loved the 13-year-old Wisconsin girl and that he was desperate to talk to her.

Detailing about the three months he spent with the teenager at his remote cabin in Barron, Patterson said the duo prepared home-cooked meals and watched television.

“I just love her,” Patterson said during the 9-minute call. “We were just like watching TV, playing board games, talking about stuff. We cooked a lot, everything we made was homemade, you know."

Closs, who currently lives with her aunt, has not been seen publicly since she escaped from his home and flagged down a dog walker to help her. She released statements through her family to thank well-wishers for their support. Authorities captured Patterson in January and charged him with two counts of homicide and one count of kidnapping and armed robbery. The kidnapping charge carries a sentence of $100,000 fine and 40 years in prison while the armed robbery charge carries a $50,000 fine and 15 years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, Patterson changed the license plate on his car several times and made the dome and truck light in his vehicle inoperable so no one would see him get in and out. He also shaved his head so he would not leave DNA evidence.

Patterson had confessed to investigators that he put the girl into the trunk of his car after killing her mother and father. Patterson also wrote a letter to KARE-TV reporter Lou Raguse on Feb. 28 saying he was planning to “plead guilty” to the charges. He said he did not want Closs or her relatives to “worry about a trial.”

Patterson was expected to be arraigned March 27.