Jeffree Star Cosmetics' devoted fanbase have achieved impressive feats in the past, including selling out the Conspiracy Palette and the Mini Controversy Palette during the initial launch. Now, they can add another accomplishment to their list as one specific fan found a "hidden message" from the popular YouTuber in one of the line's products.

In a recent post on Reddit, the user kelladelic revealed just where they had located the secret message.

"I took the insert out of the Extreme Frost “Choking on Ice” and noticed it says ‘succeed’ on the inside.. Jeffree never fails to amaze me with his attention to detail!" they wrote.

As for why the specific word was placed in the strange location, some have taken to social media to discuss various theories. According to PopBuzz, some speculated that it could be a "quality assurance stamp used during the manufacturing process. However, that theory was quickly overlooked as many believe a stamp used for that purpose would also be accompanied by the time and date.

Others then floated around other theories about why the word was placed inside the Extreme Frost packaging, including that it could have been a piece of reused faux leather with the word pre-stamped on it or that Star has included similar phrasing in his cosmetics line in the past.

The recent post follows a string of successful months for the makeup mogul. In 2019, fans began speculating what the next collaboration would be between him and fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson when a specific hint was seemingly dropped in a video. Additionally, Star has also stayed in the news during the past few months due not only due to his recent breakup with boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, but also the February launch of his new purple palette, Blood Lust.

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star is pictured March 5, 2017, in Inglewood, California. Getty Images