• Jeffrey Epstein is the subject of the new Netflix series "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich"
  • Lex Werner was a former client of Epstein
  • The American financier reportedly committed suicide in August 2019

Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth is allegedly worth $500 million. A new Netflix series is set to tackle how he lived his life.

There are many theories and speculations about his true net worth and the show will try to shed light on that. The American financier started his career as a math and physics teacher at a private school in New York, per USA Today. With reports surfacing that he could be worth at least half a billion, some wonder how a college dropout could amass such massive wealth.

The true financial figures of his bank accounts were hard to determine since no records have been made public. Many people just knew his money came from his hedge fund, which reportedly had billionaire clients. While the list of people he worked with could not be verified, one of his clients was L Brands CEO Lex Werner, who manages Bath & Body Works, Express, and Victoria's Secret.

Prince Andrew has said he regrets his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
Prince Andrew has said he regrets his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein AFP / JOHN THYS

According to Business Insider, the two parted ways in 2007 and in 2019, the CEO claimed that his money manager misappropriated his wealth. The fallout took its toll on Epstein's firm Financial Trust Co. Court documents would later reveal that Financial Trust Co. earned as much as $66 million with Werner as client but only gained a paltry $100,000 in fees from 2009 to 2011. In 2013, the firm reported no income.

Epstein lived in a New York City townhouse worth $77 million. Werner and his wife used to live in that property until they moved to Ohio in 1996. Because of the close ties between them, Werner transferred the ownership of the house to Epstein for free.

Before getting his own firm, he used to help clients recover their stolen money. But his troubles with money would soon start to surface. In 2003, he was accused of defaulting loans to fund investments. However, not all of his ventures failed. Southern Trust, a DNA data-mining service from the U.S. Virgin Islands, was able to rake in $200 million in just five years.

Epstein is the subject of a new series that will be shown on Netflix. A lot of issues will be tackled there but on the more controversial side, it will talk about Eipstein’s alleged involvement in prostitution with minors. Entitled “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,” the former financier apparently used his connections to people of power such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew and Harvey Weinstein to exploit the vulnerabilities of disadvantaged minors, as published in a report from CNN.

His involvement with powerful people was reportedly the reason behind his sudden death in prison in August 2019 due to apparent suicide. Experts are not buying the reason for his death and some claim more powerful people could be behind it.