Jennifer Aniston is causing tongues to wag after seemingly cutting all her hair off. On Facebook, Aniston posted the picture on what appears to be her official profile page. The page was created Tuesday morning, but already has more than 14,000 likes. The photo of her with her hair shaved off has more than 100,000 likes, 6,000 shares and hundreds of comments.

While the picture may have been photoshopped by a haircut simulator, the actress posted it in honor of her niece, who has cancer. The photo caption reads, “My niece was diagnosed with cancer last year. Once her hair started to fall off, she was depressed and terrified to look in the mirror. She recently asked me why she wasn't pretty like all the other girls. I didn't know how to react. So, I cut my hair off for her. This Christmas I'll be her mirror.”

People were quick to comment on the picture, with Kristina West saying, “Ms. Aniston, please inform your niece that if a man is so superficial that he can only focus on that, then he is not the guy for her. Any great guy, a gentlemen will only focus on her heart and personality and how beautiful she is just being her.”

Jannette Jewels said, “Jennifer I have to say, that is one of the most beautiful stories I could of read and shared this Christmas. Your niece is so lucky to have you, and I pray that she fully recovers. You did a remarkable thing showing her that beauty is not about hair, or how your appearance is about being confident and healthy, and being able to share the wealth of kindness and compassion. Bless you and your whole family....and Happy Holidays!!! I will keep your niece in my prayers, and may life be long and healthy for her....”

While it remains unclear whether or not Aniston actually cut all her hair off, it is evident that she is ringing in the holidays by reminding everyone that they are beautiful, regardless of what setbacks they may be facing.