Jennifer Aniston
Report about Jennifer Aniston's interest in Matt LeBlanc is fabricated. In Picture: Jennifer Aniston arrives at the premiere of Netflix's 'Dumplin'' at the Chinese Theater on December 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Kevin Winter

New Jennifer Aniston dating rumors have surfaced online. While her fans want to see her get reunited with her former co-stars in “Friends,” a news outlet took this one step further and assigned meaning to the actress’ interest in the reunion.

According to Gossip Cop, the latest rumor about Aniston is that she is interested in dating Matt LeBlanc. The two actors played the role of Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani, respectively, on the show, and their characters were briefly in a relationship.

“Friends” ended in 2004, and over the years, there has been a lot of interest in getting the gang together for a reunion. A false report about Aniston that surfaced online recently suggested that she is looking for an excuse to see LeBlanc again.

A “source” reportedly claimed that there have been some “whispers” in Hollywood that suggest the two actors hooked up while they were filming “Friends.” This source also added that Aniston and LeBlanc’s friends also feel that the two have a connection. Aniston, according to the source, hasn’t given up on true love, and she believes LeBlanc to be the right man for her.

Since the story broke, Aniston’s rep has confirmed that the news is false. The website that made this claim reportedly has a reputation for running false stories about the actress. The previous false stories about her suggested that she was interested in dating Leonardo DiCaprio at one point, and within days, there was another story that claimed she was interested in Alex Rodriguez. All of these stories were evidently fabricated.

As far as LeBlanc is concerned, he has been dating TV producer Aurora Mulligan since 2016. While Aniston and LeBlanc may be good friends, she likely has no interest in breaking up the latter’s relationship.

Aniston has been living it up with her friends. She spent New Year’s Eve with her best friends, Jason Bateman and Jimmy Kimmel, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, People reported. The actress was spotted wearing a monochromatic look, with a black jacket, pants, boots, beanie, gloves and sunglasses.

After breaking up with Justin Theroux, Aniston seems perfectly happy entertaining her friends at her house, which she reportedly does very frequently. Aniston and Theroux were together for seven years.

Aniston has been strong enough to ignore all the rumors about her dating life. In a previous interview with InStyle, the actress said that she can “sit back and laugh” about these “ridiculous headlines.” She is just focused on her friends, career and pets, along with trying to make the world a better place.