• Jennifer Aniston's friends thought Brad Pitt was conceited
  • Jennifer Aniston's friends were supportive of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's relationship
  • Jennifer Aniston was planning on having babies with Brad Pitt before their divorce

Jennifer Aniston’s friends were initially worried about her relationship with Brad Pitt.

During a previous interview with Rolling Stone, the “Friends” star talked about her wedding to Pitt. Aniston said that when her friends first found out that she was dating the “Ad Astra” star, they were worried that Pitt was a conceited [expletive], among many other things.

But after they had the chance to meet Pitt, Aniston’s friends quickly fell in love with him. As such, they were supportive of the couple’s 2000 wedding.

“He just disarms you immediately. But, I mean, nobody went, 'Dude, Brad Pitt!’ and gave me a thumbs up and a wink. They were just happy for me,” Aniston said.

During her interview with The Guardian, Aniston also said that she’s ready to have a baby with her husband.

“It's time. It's time. You know, I think you can work with a baby, I think you can work pregnant, I think you can do all of it. So I'm just truly looking forward to slowing down,” she said.

At that time, Aniston was close to finishing the final season of “Friends” and Pitt was also down to the final weeks of filming for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with Angelina Jolie.

Aniston said that before Pitt embarks on his next project, “Ocean’s Twelve,” they will have some downtime to travel. And by the looks of it, this is where the couple will start trying for a baby.

Unfortunately, Aniston’s timeline didn’t happen because while Pitt and Jolie were filming for their first movie together, the couple fell in love. Months after shooting wrapped up, Aniston and Pitt released a joint statement announcing their divorce.

Three years after their divorce, Aniston told Vogue that she was hurt by the stories that Pitt and Jolie shared to the press about their love story. The latter revealed that she couldn’t wait to go to the set of their movie because that’s where she will reunite with Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are pictured attending the 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 19, 2004, in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Kevin Winter