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Michelle Tronconis, the girlfriend of Fortis Dulos, who is the estranged husband of missing Connecticut mom, Jennifer Dulos, has come forward with new information for investigators. Tronconis and Fortis have been charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution in the disappearance of Jennifer.

Jennifer, a mother of five, went missing on May 24. She was last seen dropping her children off at school. Investigators in the case, no longer believe that Jennifer is missing and have deemed the case a homicide, Radar Online reported.

Tronoconis was thought to be at the scene, when Fortis, allegedly disposed of trash bags in various dumpsters located throughout Hartford. Law enforcement sources provided a statement to Radar Online on Tronoconis’ cooperation with the investigation.

They said, “Ms. Troconis voluntarily met with officials from the Stamford-Norwalk States Attorney’s Office Thursday afternoon. She provided crucial information to assist authorities in their investigation.

“The meeting lasted approximately three hours and Ms. Troconis agreed to let authorities record the meeting with both audio and video equipment.”

Based on the information that police received from Troconis, they have moved in on a large property in Farmington, Connecticut, the news outlet reported. The FBI has also been called in the case as investigators search the home of Fortis, who is being held in jail. He has not posted the $500,000 bail to be released.

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