• Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner were spotted on the beach with his daughter
  • Twitter users debated if the woman in the photos was Garner or his ex Irina Shayk
  • Garner and John Miller have already broken up

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper's beach reunion in Malibu sparked a debate among Twitter users because some were convinced that the woman in the photos was his ex Irina Shayk.

Garner and Cooper have been good friends for two decades after starring in “Alias,” so seeing them together isn’t really new. However, their beach reunion with his daughter, Lea De Seine, sparked various reactions, with some hoping for them to be dating and others thinking that the woman in the pictures wasn't actually Garner.

"Not even remotely close to being Jennifer Garner!" @SLarux commented.

"IKR, she looks more his daughter’s mother Irina," @iusetoknowthat agreed.

"Um, I don't think that's Jen Garner...." @pangalan commented.

"It's her," @cez_dy responded.

"It’s not. It’s his ex girlfriend and mother of his daughter," @samanthaxrose1 replied.

"She kind of looks like her but she also looks too tanned to be Jennifer," @chloerichx added.

"That’s irina! Why y’all trying to stir the pot ???" @Ashbash479 wrote.

"Open the pics. It’s not irina," @jennnnnss14 answered.

"That’s not Jennifer Garner," @queenbetchmemes commented with laughing emoji.

"It looks more like Irina Shayk," @LulitaDiaz420 opined.

Meanwhile, some are hoping for Cooper and Garner to be dating because TMZ noted that the two are single. The outlet confirmed that Garner and John Miller already broke up. However, some of their fans aren’t convinced because Garner and Cooper have shared a tight friendship and for them, a budding romance is unlikely.

In March 2019, Cooper visited Garner's home with his daughter Lea and ex-girlfriend Shayk, People reported. Months before their dinner reunion, Garner penned a sweet tribute to Cooper for his birthday on Instagram.

"I taught him everything he knows. [laughing and heart emojis] Happy Birthday, Bradley. Go get em tomorrow. We are all so proud of you," Garner wrote.

Garner wrote the message a day before Cooper was up for several awards at the Golden Globes for his movie with Lady Gaga, "A Star is Born."

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner
Actors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner attend Paris Fashion Week on July 3, 2016 in Paris. Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images