Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is safe after her private plane made an emergency landing in New York. Pictured: Lawrence at the premiere of “Passengers” in Westwood, California on Dec. 14, 2016. Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer

“The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly unharmed after her private plane made an emergency landing due to double-engine failure.

According to E! News, Lawrence was flying from Louisville, Kentucky after visiting her relatives when the plane suffered double-engine failure. One of the two engines failed at 31,000 feet, and the second engine also stopped working properly after the plane made an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York. Fortunately, a rep for the actress confirmed to the publication that Lawrence was uninjured.

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Helen Tederous, a spokeswoman for the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, told Buffalo News that a Beechcraft 400 Beechjet was diverted to the airport in Cheektowaga last weekend. Tederous revealed that the there was another passenger and two crew members on board the aircraft.

As of late, Lawrence has not yet commented on the incident. The actress has been enjoying some private time and shied away from the media in recent months following the release of “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Passengers.” Last year, Lawrence even opened up about fame and how difficult it was to live a normal life since starring in “The Hunger Games.”

While speaking with Glamour, the actress said that she felt so much anger a few years back when she realized she couldn’t have the life she used to have. Lawrence also shared that she enjoyed three months off from work and managed to hit the reset button.

“Yes, three months. ‘Oh, it’s my three months off. You can’t photograph me.’ I would love to be able to control being photographed. Then I wouldn’t have a new headline out today that I wore the same jeans three days in a row. I was like, ‘First of all, yes, I did. Second, of all, [expletive] you, yes, I did.’ But I hate the ‘movie star blues.’ We are so lucky, and I love my life. I wouldn’t take it back for anything. So I don’t like complaining about it,” she said.

Lawrence added that she’s a self-confessed workaholic, and she loves acting. So despite the struggles that come with fame, it’s not something she will ever give up. “I don’t know how to describe it. Reading a script is like a map. But it’s on set, finding the character, feeling the emotions, getting that adrenaline – it is such a rush,” she said.