Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez will be attending to some business in New York after her stint in Las Vegas. Pictured: Lopez attends the "World of Dance Celebration," in Los Angeles on Sept. 19, 2017. Getty Images/Jean Baptiste-Lacroix

Jennifer Lopez recently revealed to her millions of followers on social media that she will heading back to New York for business after her shows in Las Vegas.

The singer posted an action shot of herself from one of her recent performance in the Sin City and captioned it with hashtags “love,” “familia,” “do your best every day” and more. As of late, it is still unclear what business Lopez will be attending to in the Big Apple, but New York is where she’s also residing. This is also the city where she’s filming for the hit NBC series, “Shades of Blue” Season 3.

Last week, Lopez also shared a video of herself from her dressing room in Las Vegas and urged fans to do their share in helping the people of Puerto Rico who were affected by two massive hurricanes. Lopez also shared the official website where her supporters could send any amount of money.

Meanwhile, Lopez’s professional engagements aren’t the only ones makes headlines at the moment. On Friday, the actress’ boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, was asked about his and Lopez’s future plans. While speaking with E! News at a “Shark Tank” event on Wednesday, Rodriguez was given the opportunity to confirm or deny the rumors that he will soon propose to Lopez.

Unfortunately, the athlete dodged the question and said, “Um, the question is, I need to find out which episode I am in first… I don’t know.” Rodriguez was also asked to comment on Lopez’s statement that she feels in love with her boyfriend. “Well, Jennifer is amazing and it’s nice. You’re going to make me laugh. She’s an amazing girl,” he said.

In fact, even Lopez’s and Rodriguez’s children have developed a close relationship with each other. Every now and then, Lopez’s kids with Marc Anthony, Max and Emme, would hang out with Rodriguez’s daughters, Nastasha and Ella. Photos of the adorable four have also been posted on the couple’s respective Instagram accounts.

While speaking with Us Weekly, Rodriguez said that Lopez is a great influence on his daughters. “Their role model is Jen and how diverse she is in terms of the arts and her career,” he said.