Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez of "American Idol" at the Television Critics Association Winter 2014 presentations. Reuters

Rosie O’Donnell may have been a hit with fans of the Jennifer Lopez-produced ABC Family drama “The Fosters,” but Lopez is said to be upset with the actress, according to a new report.

“Despite the raves, Jennifer thinks Rosie is loud, annoying and abrasive,” a source recently dished to The National Enquirer. The source said that Lopez, 44, is mulling over whether to invite O'Donnell back on the show. “She most likely won’t return for any future episodes,” a source said. “The Fosters set just isn’t big enough for Rosie and Jennifer’s outsized egos.”

So why all the drama?

The 52-year-old former talk show host and mother of five adopted children apparently stirred the pot by giving Lopez parenting advice on how to raise her 6-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

“The trouble starting after Jennifer said she was exhausted because Max and Emme were throwing temper tantrums before bed,” a source said, adding that Lopez “blew her stack” after O’Donnell confronted her in front of the show’s staff. “Rosie blurted out, ‘That’s because you’re not strict enough. You’re their parent not their best friend!” an insider said.

O’Donnell also referred to Lopez as J.Lo and commented on her romantic partner and her career. “[She gave her] unsolicited career advice and cracked lewd jokes about her 18-years-younger boyfriend Casper Smart,” an insider told the tabloid. “[She] kept calling her J.Lo, which she hates."

“The Fosters” is a drama about an interracial, lesbian couple raising their biological, adopted and foster children. Season 2 will premiere on June 16 at 9 p.m. ET. And, despite her feud with Lopez, O'Donnell will reprise her role as a foster care worker named Rita Hendricks in two episodes airing in August.