Alex Rodriguez, Anna Wojcicki
Alex Rodriguez and Anne Wojcicki did not receive her mom Esther Wojcicki’s full support because the latter knew instantly that they were a “mismatch.” Pictured: Rodriguez, Wojcicki arrive at the Costume Institute Benefit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art May 2, 2016 in New York. TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem to be a “match made in heaven,” but the former New York Yankee did not blend as well with his ex-girlfriend, Anne Wojcicki.

Wojcicki’s mom, Esther Wojcicki, recently spoke with the New York Daily News about what it was like spending time with the professional athlete. Esther initially admitted that she liked Rodriguez because he also came from a Hispanic family. However, it was evident that there was a “mismatch” between him and her daughter.

Esther also revealed that Rodriguez didn’t have an academic background so it was a struggle to have an intellectual conversation with him. “His main interest in life was something that none of us had ever focused on, which was baseball. He could park himself in front of a TV and watch baseball for 10 hours a day. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to go on the yacht with Anne because the TV might not be working,” she said.

Rodriguez and Wojcicki dated for over a year before splitting in 2016. The athlete has since moved on with Lopez, and he has a wonderful relationship with her twins, Max and Emme. Rodriguez and Lopez also enjoy going out on dates together because they both practically grew up in the limelight, according to Entertainment Tonight.

But the same could not be said about Wojcicki. Her mom revealed that it was so difficult to hang out with Rodriguez in public because everyone just wants to take a photo with him.

“If we went to Target to look for clothes for the kids, all of a sudden we’d be looking around and people would be saying, ‘We just want a selfie with A-Rod.’ He can’t walk across Central Park. He has to take a cab. That will work better with J.Lo because she’s like, ‘Take a picture of me any time,” she said.

Esther ended her interview with a statement directed at the “World of Dance” judge. “I wish J.Lo all the luck in the world,” she said.

But Lopez and Rodriguez are currently in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. While speaking with Vanity Fair, the “Shades of Blue” star said that she and her boyfriend have tons of similarities. They also understand each other in a way no one else could.