British television presenter Jeremy Clarkson leaves his home in London on March 24, 2015 amidst the scandal following his suspension and eventual firing from the hit BBC show "Top Gear." Clarkson has announced on Twitter he's reuniting with his co-hosts James May And Richard Hammond for a live tour. Reuters

Jeremy Clarkson and “Top Gear” co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond could ride together again in a new show after a live world tour. The ousted host from the popular BBC series recently teased photos from a shoot ahead of the group's first tour stop. Clarkson began using a new hashtag that could potentially be a hint to the boys' next TV project: “Back on the Road.”

On his Twitter account, Clarkson announced the trio was heading off on a live tour through Europe, Africa and Australia. The group will banter off supercars and stunt driving in a large arena format. According to The Mirror, Jeremy Clarkson is in talks to premiere an original series on Netflix, and his Twitter photos may hint the tour's inclusion in the new series.

Earlier speculation about the embattled host’s new project ranged from a stint in a Russian comedy to a possible new show titled “House of Cars,” a cheeky reference to the boys’ potential home at Netflix. The tour’s first stop is in Belfast, Ireland on May 22-4.

Clarkson, May and Hammond are not able to continue under the “Top Gear” umbrella because the show brand belongs to the BBC. The network is currently seeking new hosts for a revamped version. The Sydney Morning Herald speculates former model Jodi Kidd, “Life on Mars” star Philip Glenister and Channel 4 presenter Guy Martin are in the running to fill the spots Clarkson, May and Hammond have helmed since 2002.

The 57-year-old TV personality previously teased an image on Twitter last week, hinting that he might be up to something. Clarkson tweeted on May 5: “I took this today…” The image showed a camera in the background and a bright yellow C7 Corvette Z06 in the center. He later reviewed the vehicle for Driving.co.uk, which could have meant his taped segment would be included in the piece.

No such footage has surfaced yet, which could mean “Top Gear” fans could have their first preview of one of the new show’s first reviews.

Jeremy Clarkson was dismissed from the popular series in March after assaulting producer Oisin Tymon. Following a string of previous controversies, including allegations of racial insensitivity, BBC Director-General Tony Hall told BBC News, "There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by either rank, or public relations and commercial considerations."

Fans attempted to have Jeremy Clarkson reinstated through an online petition, but the BBC kept true to their word. His “Top Gear” co-hosts James May And Richard Hammond saw their network contracts expire at the end of March.