19 kids and counting
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald hold hands during their wedding ceremony. TLC

After just two months of planning, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got married in front of hundreds of guests on Tuesday’s installment of “19 Kids and Counting.” During the two-hour TLC wedding special there were tears, emotional speeches and, of course, a kiss.

Jessa, now 22, saved her first kiss with Ben, 19, for their November 2014 wedding day. However, unlike her married siblings, Jessa did not share her first smooch with her new husband in front of wedding guests.

Prior to their nuptials, Ben spoke out about his plans for the kiss. Despite never having locked lips with Jessa before, he said he wasn’t concerned about the big moment. “Hopefully, I’ll know how to do it right. I’ve seen some movies, so I kind of have a general idea. Shouldn’t be too difficult,” he said.

When one of Ben’s groomsmen asked if he was excited about the kiss, he said he had both breath mints and breath spray handy. “I don’t want to leave a bad first impression,” he joked.

Jessa had similar feeling about the big moment. She said she was “excited” about her first kiss and had recently been receiving tips on how to do it properly. “We’ve been getting lots of advice,” she revealed. “My dad always says, ‘Oh, it’s not too hard.’ ”

After an emotional walk down the aisle with her dad Jim Bob, Jessa and Ben said their unique vows through happy tears. After their wedding officiant, Pastor Mike Schadt, pronounced Ben and Jessa husband and wife, the two left the church stage and ran up the aisle without sharing their first kiss.

“Did ya’ll happen to notice there was maybe something missing?” Schadt asked the couple's confused guests. “It was a desire that they would share this unique and precious time alone and intimately alone,” he explained. “I can tell you right now they’re smooching.”

While viewers did not get to see the couple’s initial smooch, Jessa described it in detail for the cameras. “Our first kiss was nice and slow and romantic,” she dished. “It was better than if we did it up there on the stage,” Ben added.

Despite choosing not to have their first kiss during their wedding ceremony, the couple did share a few public smooches during their wedding photos and their reception.

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