Jessa and Ben Seewald
Jessa Seewald, pictured with husband Ben Seewald during a scene on "19 Kids and Counting," revealed that Anna Duggar (not pictured) helped her go into labor. TLC

After being two days past her due date, Jessa Seewald was more than ready for Spurgeon Elliot Seewald to be born. Understandably, she started looking for ways to speed up the process.

“My sister-in-law Anna told me she walked stairs and that worked with her son Marcus,” Seewald told People. “We walked up and down the stairs together 20 times until I was like, ‘Okay, no more.’”

Anna Duggar, who is married to the scandal-ridden Josh Duggar, is mother to four of Seewald’s nieces and nephews, so she certainly has more experience than the first-time mom. Taking the stairs apparently did the trick since Seewald went into labor just a few hours later. Yet Spurgeon still took his time arriving. Seewald went through a 48-hour labor.

As previously reported, the birthing process was quite difficult for Seewald. Though she had planned to have an all-natural home birth, she was rushed to the hospital after an excessive amount of bleeding. She had to stay overnight in the hospital and have a blood transfusion, but the new mother is now fine.

Much like her pregnancy and labor, naming her son was also a long process. It took nearly a week for the couple to decide on Spurgeon Elliot. Ultimately, they decided to name him after a preacher, Charles Spurgeon, and a missionary, Jim Elliot. Watch their announcement below:

However, the baby might not ditch the nickname Baby Quincy. The short moniker was created to refer to Spugeon before he was born, but Jessa revealed that it might stick. She told a fan on Facebook that he will go by both his first and middle name, however people have had a hard time letting the nickname go. “Both, but everybody still calls him Quincy!” she wrote with a smiley face emoji.