Krysten Ritter
Actress Krysten Ritter, pictured here at the NBC Upfront Presentation on May 12, 2014, will star next in Netflix's "Jessica Jones" series. Recently, all 13 episode titles were rumored to have leaked online. Getty

Now that Marvel’s “Daredevil” has firmly solidified itself as one of the best Marvel TV properties, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next hero in the upcoming “Defenders” miniseries, “Jessica Jones,” starring Krysten Ritter. With precious little known about the female-led superhero show, one clever fan claims that he or she has uncovered all 13 episode titles for Season 1.

The news comes from a post on the Marvel Reddit page where a user claims that he or she was able to access a page that revealed the episode list, complete with runtimes for some of them, by tweaking with the site’s coding.

“Here's a weird Netflix quirk," the post reads. "Out of curiosity, I increased the number in the URL for the Jessica Jones series ( by one digit ( This code, and the 12 following it, seem to give episode titles for the entire season of ‘Jessica Jones.’”

Before you get too excited, no one, including IBTimes, seems to be able to replicate this little experiment. This means that fans will just have to take this one anonymous user’s word for it. Having said that, as ScreenCrush notes, all of the episode titles seem relatively plausible for the upcoming Netflix series.

1x01 – “AKA Ladies Night” (52m)

1x02 – “AKA Crush Syndrome” (52m)

1x03 – “AKA It's Called Whiskey” (54m)

1x04 – “AKA 99 Friends”

1x05 – “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” (50m)

1x06 – “AKA You're a Winner” (54m)

1x07 – “AKA Top Shelf Perverts”

1x08 – “AKA WWJD?”

1x09 – “AKA Sin Bin”

1x10 – “AKA The Kumbaya Circle Jerk”

1x11 – “AKA I've Got the Blues”

1x12 – “AKA Jewel and the Power Man”

1x13 – “AKA Smile”

Interestingly enough, each alleged episode title begins with the acronym “AKA,” which savvy fans will remember was part of the original title for the show that Netflix dropped in June. The title of the show was previously titled, “A.K.A. Jessica Jones” but ComicBook reports the acronym was cut, likely in an attempt to make her show more uniform with the other titles in “The Defenders” (“Daredevil,” “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”). However, with the “A.K.A.” being so synonymous with the hero’s comic book origins, it would make sense if the series creators winked to it with each episode title.

Speaking of the other superheroes coming to Netflix, one of the episode titles that’s got a lot of fans of the comic book buzzing is Season 1, episode 12, reportedly titled “AKA Jewel and the Power Man.” As previously reported, the character of Luke Cage (Mike Colter) will be introduced as a recurring character in “Jessica Jones.” For those that are unfamiliar with his comic book alter ego, he often goes by the nickname Power Man. This has led many to believe that we’ll see the third of Netflix’s four superhero “Defenders” suit up as early as the penultimate episode of the "Jessica Jones" series.

So far no one from Netflix of Marvel Studios has commented on the supposed leak, meaning that none of these titles can be taken as canon just yet. Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait until later in 2015 when all 13 episodes of “Jessica Jones” drop on the popular streaming service.

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