"Daredevil" teased the return of a key character from Season 1 in a new promotional image. (Pictured: Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock.) Netflix

Although it won’t arrive until sometime in 2016, fans of Marvel TV’s breakout hit “Daredevil” are eagerly awaiting the return of the series for its second season. To get them salivating even more, the show is teasing the introduction of a key villain to the title hero.

The official Twitter account for “Daredevil” posted an ominous photo that seems to allude to the return of a very important Season 1 character in an entirely different way. Fans may remember Melvin Potter (Matt Gerald) from his short stint as the costume designer that makes armored suits for both Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onorio) and Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox). When Daredevil discovered that Fisk had an expert designing him special suits that protected him from blades, the masked hero confronts him in a pretty intense fight scene that shows the mentally unstable Potter almost get the best of our hero.

Well, it looks like “Daredevil” isn’t done with Mr. Potter just yet…

Fans of Marvel Comics will know that Melvin Potter isn’t just a name created for the purposes of the show. He first appeared in the comic book source material as a villain to the blind defender of Hell’s Kitchen. Melvin Potter ends up a super villain going by the name Gladiator who invents a weaponized armor suit for himself and eventually uses it for crime.

The above photo hints at this in a big way with the inclusion of a circular saw blade. In the comics, Gladiator’s signature weapons are circular saw blades that he worked into his costume both as projectiles and for close-quarters combat. In fact, the fight scene in Season 1 featured the character throwing one at Daredevil, an obvious wink to the comics. Now, it seems that the show is trying to tease Potter’s return, this time as Gladiator.

“Daredevil” seems to be doubling down on the comic book characters in Season 2. It was previously announced that “The Walking Dead” actor Jon Bernthal will bring The Punisher to life and Elodie Yung will play the hero’s key love interest from the source material, Elektra. Before Gerald makes it back to “Daredevil” Season 2, he’ll have to finish the film “Shot Caller,” where The Hollywood Reporter notes he’ll act along with “Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster.