Jessica Jones
"Jessica Jones," starring Carrie-Anne Moss (left) as Jeryn and Krysten Ritter (right) as Jessica, hits Netflix on Nov. 20. The first full-length trailer for the new show was released Friday. Netflix

Jessica Jones is going to find out very quickly that walking away from the superhero life is going to be far from easy. With just under a month until all the episodes of the first season of "Jessica Jones" are available to stream on Netflix, it looks like the streaming service is poised to have another Marvel hit.

Krysten Ritter shines in the first trailer for "Jessica Jones," which could be just as dark, if not darker than "Daredevil." Zebediah Kilgrave (David Tennant), aka the Purple Man, has potential to become one of the most evil comic book adaptations ever, especially with his frightening ability to control minds.

The trailer features many cool moments that will have you wishing Nov. 20 were tomorrow. Here are six of the top moments from the "Jessica Jones" trailer:

1. Jessica's powers: Jessica may be trying to move on from being a superhero, but that doesn't mean her abilities are gone. You get a first look at her powers as she flies away, cracks a subway window with her elbow and stops a moving car -- well, it's "a slow moving car." There are also a few moments of her fighting bad guys by throwing them through windows and other objects.

2. Post-traumatic stress disorder: Part of the reason Jessica decided to become a private investigator instead of remaining a superhero is because she's dealing with PTSD. Her struggle can be seen throughout the trailer. She tries to wash it away with alcohol, but she's clearly haunted by her past, which is mostly due to Kilgrave.

3. Kilgrave's home invasion: One of the most chilling parts of the trailer is when Kilgrave shows up at the home of a random family and asks the father if he can come in. He uses his mind control to get inside the home, shuts a child in a closet, and who knows what else he does.

4. Jessica vs. Kilgrave: The main conflict of "Jessica Jones" will be Jessica's ongoing battle with Kilgrave. He toys with her throughout the entire trailer, including leaving a picture of her for her to see that has "See you later" written on it. "Come on Jessica, don't play the hero with me," he tells her. Despite Kilgrave's taunts, Jones seems determined to stop him once and for all.

5. Glimpses of Jessica's past: Something really bad happened in Jessica's past that involved the Purple Man. He made her do things, but what that is isn't clear. She's shown digging in dirt and also walking around with blood on her hands. What horrible act did the Purple Man have her do that has left her so scarred?

6. Police headquarters: Jessica is walking through a police station and each cop has their gun pointed at either themselves or someone else. They are all being controlled by Kilgrave. "Jessica, I'm the only one who matches you and we're inevitable," he says. A voiceover of Jessica then follows as she says "God didn't do this, the Devil did ... and I'm going to find him."

Watch the full "Jessica Jones" trailer below:

All 13 episodes of “Jessica Jones” will be available for streaming on Netflix on Nov. 20.