Several photographs from a “secretive two-day shoot” on Hawaii for the AMC hit “Mad Men,” were leaked on Thursday, revealing potential spoilers from the show’s upcoming sixth season.

Rumors of the island photo shoot were first sparked on Oct. 17, when a report by Deadline stated that the show’s creator Matthew Weiner had flown his lead actors Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré to the island along with a small production crew.

“What did Hawaii look like in the late 1960s?” asked the Hollywood blog, before answering their own question with the tantalizing promise, “We’ll get a glimpse in the Season 6 premiere of AMC’s ‘Mad Men’.”

In the beach photo stills, originally leaked by Fameflynet, fans can get a sneak peak of some of the glamorous costumes from the sixth season, most notably some of Don and Megan’s newest beach wear. In several of the photos, snapped on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Paré sports a bright purple string bikini, while Hamm wears colorful seashell-print board shorts.

In others, the Draper couple stand looking out at the ocean, while in others they stretch in the sand and Megan gazes at Don from behind round, Iris Apfel-esque sunglasses.

While the photos don’t reveal much more about what to expect from the upcoming season, other than that Don will inevitably be reading Dante’s “The Inferno, they do seem to promise that the characters’ fashion will be as on point as ever.

In honor of Megan, who seems to have recently eclipsed Don’s ex-wife Betty in terms of style, here are our favorite outfits from the past season.