This past Halloween, Jessica Simpson announced via Twitter that she and fiancé Eric Johnson were expecting their first child. It's true, Simpson, 31, tweeted with a picture of her dressed up as a mummy. I am going to be a mummy.

When Simpson first announced her pregnancy and pictures of the very visible baby bulge hit the web, experts predicted that the singer and fashion designer was at least six months pregnant. A Boston gynecologist, Dave David, told Radar Online that in late October, Simpson looked to be heading into her third trimester. She looks to be 26 weeks, which is around six months, said David.

If Simpson was estimated to be six months pregnant at the end of October, that would mean that she would be at around 12 months pregnant right now...three months way overdue.

Is Jessica Simpson really pregnant? Is her belly from a junk food overload? Is she wearing a fake belly while a surrogate carries her baby? Or is she pregnant with an alien or demon spawn?

According to Dr. David, in October he said that It is definitely a pregnancy and not weight gain. You can [tell] by the shape of her abdomen, her belly wouldn't be that rounded if it was just fat.

If the doctor is correct, that leaves either a surrogate or alien/demon spawn as possible answers to her ridiculously long pregnancy.

TMZ however has another theory. With the recent death of Dick Clark, TMZ believes that Simpson finally did give birth, and is just waiting to announce it until she can have the magazine covers all to herself. Simpson, however, tweeted on April 21, To everyone who keeps congratulating me on the birth of my baby girl...I'm still pregnant!! Don't believe what you read ladies and gents.

Does this mean we shouldn't believe Jessica Simpson's tweet?

What do you think of Jessica Simpson's pregnancy?

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