First lady Dr. Jill Biden is making her way through the U.S. on a nationwide Help is Here tour to promote the newly passed American Rescue Plan Act.

She’s starting in Alabama, a state that President Joe Biden lost to Donald Trump in the 2020 election, 62%-37%. Alabama has a Republican governor and both U.S. senators are Republican.

This will be her first time visiting the southern state since President Biden was inaugurated. She’ll be visiting around the Birmingham area on Friday to discuss what the rescue plan, plans to do about the high childhood poverty rate, according to reports.

Dr. Jill Biden will be touching on the tax credit working and middle-class families will receive in order to help cut the percentage of child poverty.

"Millions of Americans, including millions of children, don’t have enough food to eat. Some, because of the economic effects of COVID, are experiencing hunger for the very first time in their lives," reads Dr. Jill Biden's Facebook page.

"It’s possible you may not even realize your friends and family could be suffering — because hunger is a silent agony.

"It’s the parent who just lost their job and quietly visits the food bank for groceries to get by. Or the child whose stomach growls until the teacher slips them a granola bar or apple to eat.

"It’s the stoic mother who says she’s not hungry at dinner so her kids won’t feel bad when she gives them her share. Or maybe it’s the person who lives half an hour from a grocery store, but can’t afford to get there.

"Food Insecurity plagues every corner of our country and we are working hard to address it. Help is Here to put food on the table through the American Rescue Plan."

The American Rescue Plan Act states that many of those who are considered working and middle-class families will receive up to $3,600 for each child under six and $3,000 for children between the ages of six and 17.

Alabama is among the poorest states in the country. According to, the state has 16.8% of its residents living below the federal poverty line, while the national average is 13.1%.

Alabama Kids Count, which released a report in December, indicated that children of color in the state face “disproportionately high rates” of poverty, as well as make up the majority of the child population in the state.

US First Lady Jill Biden will also pitch the administration's plans to the public
US First Lady Jill Biden will also pitch the administration's plans to the public POOL / Gregory Bull