Tonight Show
Comedian Jimmy Fallon performs a skit with President Barack Obama on "The Tonight Show" on June 9, 2016. "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" airs its 500th episode Thursday. NBC

NBC's "The Tonight Show" will be a special one Thursday.

When Jimmy Fallon took over "The Tonight Show" in 2014, he followed a messy, multi-year transition that included Jay Leno passing the torch to Conan O'Brien in 2009, only for the franchise to go back to Leno less than a year later. However, Fallon has brought stability and ratings to the long-running late night institution. Thursday marks the 500th episode of "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon."

In light of Fallon and Co.'s big milestone episode, here is a look back at the host's eight best moments so far at the helm of "The Tonight Show":

8. Fallon and Cooper Can't Stop Laughing

Dating back to his days on "Saturday Night Live," Fallon has long been famous for breaking character to laugh in a sketch or scene. The comedian has one of the most infectious laughs on TV and audiences love watching him struggle to contain a smile. This is true of his interviews, as well. This interview with Bradley Cooper is the most hysterical example from "Tonight Show," in which Fallon and the Oscar nominee struggle to discuss Cooper's serious play while wearing Philadelphia Eagles' visors.

7. 'Whip My Hair'

In addition to being a great comedian, Fallon is a fairly capable musician and a gifted singer-impressionist. While he has done impressions of and sang with plenty of music greats, including Neil Young, one of Fallon's funniest musical moments on "The Tonight Show" was when he brought out Bruce Springsteen to sing a duet of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair."

6. Donald on Donald

Over the course of the 2016 election cycle, Jimmy Fallon has killed it with his exaggerated Donald Trump impression, but the bit went to new heights when the Donald himself appeared on the show, allowing Trump to interview... himself.

5. Kidman's Crush

Some of the best late night TV moments come when the host and guest leave the pre-planned questions behind. One such moment came when Nicole Kidman revealed that she once had a crush on Fallon and visited him in the hopes of scoring a date. Fallon's genuine shock recalling the meet is priceless.

4. Fallon's Prince Story

Prince's untimely passing in April was sad news for music fans, but Fallon helped ease people's pain with a hilarious story about a time when Prince challenged Fallon to a ping pong match. The unbelievable tale displays Fallon's storytelling skills.

3. Obama Signs Off

President Obama has appeared on "The Tonight Show" a few times, but Fallon struck gold when he had the commander in chief enter to some sultry R&B. Obama returned to "The Tonight Show" in June to showcase his smooth one more time as president of the United States.

2. Paul Rudd Lip Syncs

Every time Fallon has a celebrity on for a lip synch battle it is must-watch TV — the sketch has even earned its own spin-off — but no one has ever owned it more than comedian Paul Rudd. The "Ant Man" star shines lip syncing along to Tina Turner and Queen.

1. Evolution of Mom Dancing

The Evolution of Mom Dancing showcases everything that makes Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" great. The sketch has a broad appeal — who hasn't seen an eager mother trying to shred it on the dance floor? — but Jimmy Fallon dressed as a middle-aged woman brings just the right amount of weird. A cameo from First Lady Michelle Obama doesn't hurt, either.