• Jinger Duggar's fans asked about her shoes
  • Jinger Duggar's fans speculate that she could be pregnant again
  • Jinger Duggar made changes to herself after marrying Jeremy Vuolo 

Jinger Duggar’s fans continue to speculate that she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo might be expecting their second baby.

The “Counting On” star shared a clip of her in what she called “J&J Quarantine Q&A” with her spouse on Instagram. The reality stars dressed up for their interview where they discussed their favorite binge-worthy shows and what they do while quarantining at home with their daughter.

Jinger looked stunning in her brown top, orange cardigan and black skinny jeans. Many also praised her footwear, with some asking where she got the pair from.

“Those shoes,” one fan wrote with heart-eyes emoji.

“I knoooow [heart-eyes emoji] first thing I noticed,” another added.

“I love your shoes,” a different follower wrote.

“I LOVE your shoes. Where did you get them?” krjames73 asked.

Several commented on the question because they also want to know the answer.

“I want to know too,” teryaki10 commented.

“I was wondering the same thing,” anndreeea.r wrote.

“Me too!!” rachelfaye23 added.

Unfortunately, the reality star did not respond to the questions about her shoes.

Aside from noticing her shoes, her fans speculated that she could be pregnant again.

“Omg Jinger is so expecting!!!!!” one commented.

“Exactly what I see too!!!! She’s absolutely glowing!!!” another fan wrote.

“I think so too good for her,” daisy_mon3ymak3er stated.

Fans are eager to know if Jinger is having another baby. In another post on Instagram, several asked if she is pregnant. One noted that she has the same jacket as Jinger’s in the picture, but hers is loose over the belly.

Meanwhile, some reacted and insisted that it was rude to ask Jinger about it. However, others claimed that nothing was wrong with the question because getting pregnant is in the nature of the Duggars’ first reality show “19 Kids and Counting.”

“There's nothing wrong with asking. These people have put themselves in the public eye and pregnancy that made this show popular!” one explained.

Jinger is considered the most progressive Duggar because she made a lot of changes after marrying Vuolo. She left her family and moved in with the former baseball player in Los Angeles. She also made a huge change in her wardrobe.

The Duggars are brought up in a conservative environment. The women only wear skirts and do household chores. However, Jinger has been wearing pants and sleeveless tops lately. She also dressed her daughter Felicity in a soccer jersey and expressed her support for the little girl in case she follows her dad’s footsteps.

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo get candid about their sex lives in this “Counting On” clip. TLC