Gabourey Sidibe
Actress Gabourey Sidibe recently revealed that Joan Cusack once told her to quit the business. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Gabourey Sidibe shocked audiences with her performance in Precious, but it wasn't because of the actress's weight, it was due to her phenomenal performance. Weight is an ongoing issue in Hollywood, and Sidibe is not immune to the heat. The actress recently recounted some criticism she received a couple years ago regarding her weight, and the woman behind the mean comments.

Sidibe appeared on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen earlier this week when she was asked a question that gave a shocking answer. Cohen asked Sidibe, What celebrity were you most disappointed by when you finally met them?

The actress replied Joan Cusack, the voice behind Toy Story's Jessie.

What celebrity was I disappointed by? Sidibe reiterated. Oh, and it's not in a mean way, because I know that she meant well. I met Joan Cusack, who is my favorite favorite -- I love her -- but, it was before I became [famous] or whatever. I was at some industry party, and she says, 'Are you an actress?' And I said, 'Yeah!' And she says, 'Oh honey, you should really quit the business, it's so image-conscious.'

After relating her encounter with Cusack, Sidibe tried to reassure viewers that she didn't think Cusack said the comments in a mean way. However, after hearing what Cusack said, it's hard not to take it the wrong way.

Unfortunately for Sidibe, Cusack's comment was one of the least offensive she has received about her weight. In 2010, Howard Stern called Sidibe enormous and the size of a planet. Stern went on to further say on his radio show that everyone's pretending she's part of show business and she's never going to be in another movie. The shock jock continued that Sidibe should have gotten the Best Actress award because she's never going to have another shot.

Sidibe has already defied Stern's comments by appearing as a show regular in The Big C, and scoring a role in Tower Heist and the upcoming Seven Psychopaths.

Cusack and Stern aren't the first to say some horrible comments dealing with an upcoming star's weight. This past February, Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfield called singer Adele a little too fat. Lagerfield apologized after outcry from celebs like Madonna and Anderson Cooper. According to the New York Post, the creative director also sent Adele Chanel purses as an apology.

Cusack has yet to responds. Maybe she'll pull a Lagerfield and apologize with a box set of Toy Story.